Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle Roof Installation in Montgomery, Illinois

Project Details:

This Montgomery, Illinois, Homeowner called Buffalo Roofing & Exteriors for a storm damage inspection. Our crews were able to locate significant damage and work with the homeowner’s insurance to submit a claim. Once the claim was approved our crews went to work to install this stunning Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles in the color Pewter.

We are thrilled with how this project turned out. The new Atlas Shingle Roof is gorgeous and built to protect their home for years to come. 

Reasons We Recommend Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

– They come in a wide variety of beautiful color options

– They come with a 130 mph wind-limited warranty

– They use innovative technology to prevent black streaking from algae

– They feature what is called HP42® Technology. This provides a wide format for better curb appeal, plus their Sweet Spot™ nailing area and double FASTAC® sealant line that work to ensure your shingles will stay put.


Learn more about Atlas Shingles and view the various color options available to you by visiting our Atlas Shingles page.

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